Our Vision, Mission, Purpose and Values

Our Vision

Canada’s leading integrated health system, pushing the boundaries to realize the best health and care from healthy beginnings to healthy aging for people with complex health needs.


Our Mission

Sinai Health System delivers exceptional care in hospital, community and home, focusing on the health conditions with the greatest impact on the overall health of the population. We discover and translate scientific breakthroughs, develop practical health solutions, educate future clinical and scientific leaders, and lead efforts to eliminate health inequities.


Our Purpose

We care, create possibilities and offer hope


Our Values


Ensure high-quality, safe and compassionate care


Foster awareness and a sense of belonging


Show respect and empathy


Create new knowledge and embrace learning

Our Legacy

From our two founding institutions comes the belief that we are here in service of others. Our shared history of caring for those who were vulnerable and marginalized, and our Jewish heritage calls us to serve the health needs of our community.