Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: 2023-03-23

Patient Frequently Asked Questions

How are you keeping people safe?

  • Everyone who enters our buildings is required to wear a hospital approved mask.
  • Patients, visitors and employees are encouraged to clean their hands often with hand sanitizer provided throughout our buildings.
  • Active screening for patients before appointments, in the Emergency Department and during admission.
  • Visitors should postpone their visit if they are feeling unwell.

Do I need to wear a mask?

Yes, masking for hospital buildings and clinical settings remains a requirement, consistent with the guidance outlined by the Ministry of Health and Public Health Ontario.

Anyone entering our buildings:

  • Patients and visitors will need to wear a medical grade procedure mask at all times when in the hospital and in common areas.
  • Masks are available at our building entrances.
  • Always practice hand hygiene before and after handling a mask.

Can I know the COVID-19 vaccination status of my roommate?

The COVID-19 vaccination status of another patient is personal health information.

Sinai Health has many policies and processes in place to keep patients, essential care partners/families and the health care team safe. These include:

  • Patient screening and routine testing on admission
  • Routine symptom surveillance and testing
  • Infection prevention and control best practices (e.g. placing a symptomatic patient in an isolation room)
  • Use of appropriate personal protective equipment for patients, essential care partners and our staff
  • Implementation of outbreak mitigation strategies for health care providers, patients and essential care partners

I received my COVID-19 vaccine during my hospital stay. How do I get my vaccination receipt?

You can obtain your vaccine receipt from Ontario’s provincial portal. Individuals who have a green photo health card can login to the provincial portal (this online tool is only supported by Chrome, Safari or Firefox) to obtain a PDF copy of their COVID-19 vaccine receipt for both their first and second dose. Individuals who have a red and white health card or who do not have a health card can contact the Provincial Vaccine Booking Line at 1-833-943-3900 for a call centre agent to email them a copy of their first and second dose receipts.

Does Sinai Health have a vaccine clinic?

Sinai Health is not operating a vaccination clinic.

The following options are available to book vaccination appointments:

Ontario’s Vaccination Registration System

Eligible Ontarians are able to book using the Province’s registration system.

There are two ways to book:

Pharmacy Vaccine Locations

Eligible Ontarians can find your closest pharmacy to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Learn about booking a vaccination appointment at a pharmacy and what to expect

Can I still get food at the hospitals?

Everyone is required to wear a mask—covering the nose and mouth and below the chin. This applies to all areas of the hospital, including patient rooms, hallways and public areas.

There are designated areas for eating and drinking:

  • Mount Sinai Hospital: in the food hall on the main floor
  • Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital: in the cafeteria on the main floor

Can I bring my service animal?

Yes, service animals are welcome. You will need to bring any related documentation about your animal in case you need to show it during the screening process. Emotional Support Animals are also permitted in areas where it is safe to do so. Please note other personal pets are not permitted at this time. For additional details, please visit our Mount Sinai Hospital Accessibility resources and our Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital Accessibility resources.