Surgeries, Procedures and Clinic Appointments

Last Updated: 2024-04-29

Sinai Health has developed a symptom screening tool for patients attending a clinic, a procedure or surgery.

Information for Patients with Scheduled Clinic Appointments

  • You will be screened prior to your appointment for symptoms of respiratory viruses, like COVID-19, as well as other communicable diseases. If you have an appointment booked but feel unwell without other known causes, please contact your clinic ahead of your visit.
  • Patients attending an outpatient appointment may bring one essential care partner or have an escort. Patients who require an essential care partner should speak with the clinic ahead of the visit.
    • Please note: The Oncology Clinic is continuing to limit access to essential care partners for the safety of our immunocompromised patients. If there are exceptional reasons why you require an essential care partner, please speak with your care team. 

If you have questions on your upcoming appointments or procedures, please contact your care provider or clinic.

Information for Patients with Scheduled Surgeries or Procedures

Pre-operative COVID-19 testing

If you are symptomatic on the day of your surgery, a pre-operative COVID-19 test will be required. Your clinical team will make a decision on whether to proceed ahead with your procedure or surgery.   

Day of procedure or surgery

  • Sinai Health is a mask-friendly environment in all areas of our buildings. The choice to wear a mask is respected and supported. Medical grade procedure masks are available at points of entry and other common areas.
  • You will be allowed one caregiver to accompany you into hospital on the day of your surgery. They can stay in the surgical family lounge during your procedure.
  • Information about our current visitor policy can be found here and more details will be provided in the pre-op appointment.

Having a Baby?

Detailed information for patients coming for prenatal appointments, expectant mothers scheduled to give birth at Mount Sinai Hospital, postpartum patients and those who have an infant in the NICU can be found here.

Virtual Appointments

Some Sinai Health clinics are offering care virtually by telephone or video. You can reach out to your clinic or health care provider directly to discuss whether this is an option for you. Learn more about virtual visits.