It’s been 50 days since the Raptors won the NBA Championship, but the excitement is still in the air. On Tuesday, employees, physicians, learners, scientists and volunteers at Mount Sinai gathered to take their pictures with the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy. Dr. Howard Petroff, Mount Sinai physician and Assistant Medical Director for the Toronto Raptors Basketball Club, generously brought the trophy to the hospital for the day in appreciation of the care given to the Raptors.

For the past 15 years, Dr. Petroff has looked after the general medical health of the players and their families, coordinating their physical exams, clinical testing and medical clearance. He works closely with the Raptors head physician and together with medical specialists and therapists they ensure a high quality of care for the team.

Sharing the trophy with Mount Sinai was an important opportunity for Dr. Petroff: “Over the time that I have been involved with the Raptors, Mount Sinai have been a tremendous support to our team. Our players, families, and team staff have been fortunate to be able to have access world class clinical programs and medical expertise. The consideration and support that we have received is invaluable.  Just like it took a team effort to win the NBA Championship, it also takes a team effort to provide the medical care. Mount Sinai is an important member of our team.”

Thank you Dr. Petroff for sharing this national treasure with Mount Sinai.