celebrating 5 years of Sinai Health

On January 22, 2015, Sinai Health was formed through the integration of Mount Sinai Hospital, Bridgepoint Active Healthcare, the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute and the affiliation of our system partner, Circle of Care. Since 2015, we have been striving towards our vision of being Canada’s leading integrated health care system, with many milestones and accomplishments along the way.

“We are so much further ahead today on both campuses and in our key clinical programs. We think and plan as one,” reflects Gary Newton, President and CEO of Sinai Health. “We have evolved from two hospitals to one, and somehow that one plus one has been way more than two!”

Below, you’ll find some reflections from our executive team on the first five years.

What achievement from the last five years are you most proud of?

Dr. Maureen Shandling, Executive Vice President, Academic and Medical Affairs

Dr. Maureen Shandling, Executive Vice President, Academic and Medical Affairs


“Important investments made for beautiful new spaces for our teams and patients. Investments such as opening the 10th floor at Bridgepoint and Renew Sinai Phase 3A.” – John Aldis

“The integration of our medical staff and the development of new programs through partnership of teams working across our campuses.” – Maureen Shandling




Reflecting on your own career in health care, what makes being at Sinai Health special?

Susan Brown

Susan Brown, Executive Vice President, People and Culture & Chief Human Resources Officer

“Sinai Health is special because of our legacy. People from our founding organizations share the belief that we are here in service of each other, our patients and family caregivers and the broader community. Our first calling was to serve the most vulnerable and marginalized members of society, and this has shaped our culture.” – Susan Brown

“What makes us special is what has always made us special…the people. Our buildings are filled with people who care about our patients and each other passionately. Health care is hard and especially so at this moment in time; even when it isn’t going well I am always amazed at how our people cope and never seem to lose focus on our core mission. It is always humbling.” – Gary Newton


Sinai Health was created to address the needs of patients in today’s health care system. Is there a particular innovation or advancement from the last five years that you think best exemplifies that goal?

John Aldis

John Aldis, Executive Vice President Finance and Chief Financial Officer

“I am very proud of our multi-year quality aim related to medication safety and our Closed Loop Medication safety project. Going live with the fully closed loop system at Bridgepoint was an amazing accomplishment. It’s one of the largest IT implementations at Sinai Health in the past number of years and we are now one of the few organizations in Ontario to have achieved this goal.” – Jane Merkley

“Offering life changing fetal surgery not available anywhere else in our system or country through the Ontario Fetal Centre partnership.” – John Aldis



What are you excited about/or hoping we achieve over the next 5 years?

Dr. Gary Newton

Dr. Gary Newton, President and CEO of Sinai Health

“We are beginning to work on integrated and unique cancer rehabilitation programs that will enhance opportunities and support the ongoing health of our patients.” – Maureen Shandling

“I am excited about what we can accomplish in the new and emerging health care environment in Ontario. We have so many key elements already in place that should allow us to contribute and lead in a new environment that mandates integration and reinterpreting health care across a much broader spectrum.”          – Gary Newton



What is your favourite part about your job at Sinai Health?

Jane Merkely

Jane Merkley, Executive Vice President, Chief Nurse Executive and Chief Operating Officer.


“My favourite part of my job is interacting with my peers and team, as well as serving people across the hospital to support and facilitate them in achieving their goals and aspirations.”          – Susan Brown

“I feel inspired every day when I come to work. The work I do is both interesting and meaningful. I am surrounded by talented people who are like-minded and focused on making a difference in the lives of our patients and people.” – Jane Merkley