A new podcast by Sinai Health Foundation that aims to help listeners better understand COVID-19 and its effect on our everyday lives is now available online.

The “Champions of Sinai: Understanding the COVID-19 Pandemic” podcast provides a comprehensive update on the latest COVID-19 information and features interviews with Sinai Health’s leading medical and research experts.

Host Dr. Howard Ovens, Sinai Health’s long-time Emergency Department physician leader and a veteran of SARS, takes listeners through what they need to know in the ongoing war against COVID-19.

“In this period of great uncertainty, credible and unbiased information is more essential than ever,” said Dr. Ovens. “You need someone you can trust to help you filter and understand it all.”

In each episode, Dr. Ovens sits down with a Sinai Health leader in a different field of specialization to hear how the pandemic is changing how care is provided, from mental health, pregnancy care, critical care and more.

Recorded episodes include:

  • Andrew Morris on the origin of the outbreak, how it’s transmitted and the challenges of re-opening after lockdown
  • Jennie Johnstone on testing for COVID-19, including accuracy and how she is keeping patients and health-care workers safe
  • Mark Lachmann on COVID’s impact on our elder population and how to best protect those in long-term care homes

The podcast is recorded remotely from people’s homes and offices. The situation around COVID-19 is evolving quickly and this podcast is not a substitute for personal medical attention or advice.

“This is a strange, unsettling, unprecedented time,” said Louis de Melo, Sinai Health Foundation CEO. “We want to contribute to a meaningful dialogue as we all live through the fallout from this pandemic.”

Champions of Sinai: Understanding the COVID-19 Pandemic is produced by Antica Productions and is available at sinaipodcast.ca, as well as on iTunes, GooglePlay and Spotify.