image of a computer and a microphoneIn August, Sinai Health’s work with family caregivers was highlighted on the popular caregiving podcast Parents Are Hard To Raise.

Jennifer Ridgway, co-lead of the Cultivating Change project and Dr. Leslie Nickell, Medical Lead for Caregiver Support Services at the Bridgepoint Campus spoke with the podcast host Diane Berardi, a Gerontologist and eldercare expert.

Leslie spoke to the importance of why care providers should receive training to support them to understand what caregiver engagement looks like. She also spoke of recent training modules developed by The Change Foundation that allow providers to develop practices that help them to recognize, communicate with and empower caregivers. Find Leslie’s episode here.

Jennifer gave an overview of some of our work with caregivers, specifically related to our project in partnership with WoodGreen Community Services and The Change Foundation. The interview focused on the experience of bringing the Family Presence policy to our Bridgepoint Campus and using co-design principles to engage both caregivers and care providers. You can listen to Jennifer’s episode here.

Parents Are Hard to Raise launched in early 2017, with listeners tuning in weekly from the United States, Canada, Mexico and 37 other countries

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