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The Federal government has issued a Pandemic COVID-19 advisory for all countries: avoid non-essential travel outside Canada.

It is essential that all of our people immediately cease work-related travel outside Canada until further notice and we highly discourage all non-essential personal travel.

Every health care worker (HCW) returning from travel must self-monitor daily for symptoms consistent with COVID-19. This includes any fever, and/or new onset upper respiratory tract infection symptoms such as cough, sore throat, headache, muscle aches, fatigue, runny nose and joint aches.


Before travel

    • If a Sinai Health employees travels outside of Canada (based on exceptional circumstances), they need to provide a completed a pre-travel form to Occupational Health. The form captures their name, department, phone number, dates and locations of travel and anticipated return to work prior to leaving the country.

Before returning to work or if you become symptomatic

  • If you’ve travelled, contact Occupational Health to report the presence or absence of symptoms of a respiratory infection.
  • Do NOT return to work if you have even very mild symptoms.
  • If you have travelled and are Asymptomatic (NO Symptoms):
    • Return to work on your next scheduled shift. You may report to work as usual throughout your self-screen period, provided you remain asymptomatic.
    • Complete the self-screening sheet for 14 consecutive days from date of arrival in Canada
    • Submit the completed form to Occupational Health by fax or email
    • Occupational Health will then conclude your self-screening requirement and you may work without restrictions or monitoring
  • Acting on the presence of even VERY MILD SYMPTOMS is key to avoid spread. COVID-19 is most commonly spread by people with symptoms so mild that they normally wouldn’t stop a person from their normal daily tasks. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION to the even the mildest of symptoms and follow this procedure:
    • If at work, immediately perform hand hygiene, don a procedure mask and stop providing care as soon as it is safe to do so
    • Advise your Manager/ Department that you are not permitted to return to work until you have been assessed
    • Call or email Occupational Health (do not visit in person)
    • Proceed to your nearest Assessment Centre to be assessed (preferably the Assessment Centre at Mount Sinai Hospital)
    • Contact Occupational Health with any changes in your condition and to report COVID-19 test results

Contact information:

  • Email: [email protected] OR
  • If you’ve recently travelled outside of Canada, call the sick line: 416 586 4800 x 7425 (Mount Sinai), or 416 461 8252 x 2803 (Bridgepoint)
  • If you’re feeling sick and are symptomatic, call the sick line: 416 586 4800 x 7425 (Mount Sinai) or 416 461 8252 x 2803 (Bridgepoint)

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