Sinai Healthy Workplace Program

Sinai Health System a Healthy Place for Staff

Sinai Healthy Workplace Program is an organization-wide initiative that aims to optimize the health and well-being of Sinai Health System’s staff, physicians, students and volunteers.  We strive to deliver high-quality, needs-driven and accessible Healthy Workplace initiatives focusing on supporting both emotional and physical well-being. In turn by increasing staff health, engagement and effectiveness, we aim to foster healthy positive attitudes and commitment to contributing to the organization’s overall mission for best in patient care and experience.

Offerings include the following highlights and many more unique programs:

  • The ongoing Mindfulness Series to develop and cultivate self-compassionate awareness and understand how to treat ourselves and others better.
  • The ‘Stress Vaccine’: Learning modules that teach individuals how to reflect and best respond to common stressors in the workplace.
  • An ongoing physical activity calendar that includes yoga, pilates, functional conditioning & training, core yoga, boot camp and Latin dance.
  • The Hennick Family Wellness Gallery, a space for mindfulness and art in the heart of Mount Sinai Hospital.
  • An on-site fitness centre that is conveniently located at Mount Sinai Hospital and Bridgepoint Active Healthcare.


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Employees may access more information and resources on the Bridgepoint Portal and the Mount Sinai Intranet.