Jane Merkley

Jane Merkley
Executive Vice President, Chief Nurse Executive & Chief Operating Officer

Jane is a nurse executive with expertise in leading strategic change initiatives in major Toronto hospitals. She has over three decades of experience spanning clinical, administrative, executive and professional practice roles with a focus on delivering the highest quality care across a continuum of acute and emergency medicine to complex and rehabilitative care.

As the organization’s most senior nursing executive and operational lead, Jane oversees an extensive portfolio anchored in the highest standards of quality and safety. Jane’s leadership encompasses Academic Professional Practice, Clinical Operations, Quality, Patient Safety, Enterprise Risk Management, Information Technology, Sustainability and Operational Readiness. Jane is leading ambitious, strategic clinical, administrative and academic change initiatives such as our Quality Aims that is transforming care across our system. Prior to assuming her Sinai Health System role, she was the Vice President of Patient Services and Programs, and Chief of Professional Affairs and Chief Nurse Executive for Bridgepoint Active Healthcare.  During her time in that role she oversaw a broad portfolio including clinical inpatient programs, ambulatory services, Pharmacy and IPAC, Quality and Patient Safety and Risk, and Professional and Academic Affairs for nursing and health disciplines.

Jane previously served as Director of Nursing Practice and Education at St. Michael’s Hospital where she held several progressive positions including Clinical Leader and Manager for the Trauma and Neurosurgery Intensive Care Unit.

Jane co-chairs the Orthopaedic Capacity Planning initiative to review and evaluate the delivery of current orthopedic services in the TCLHIN. She has also been the chair of the Rehab/CCC Vice President Steering Committee since 2010, providing strategic leadership to influence system level change and promote rehabilitative care as an integral part of an effective health care system.

In 2013, Jane was the Bridgepoint lead and key partner in the Toronto Central Integrated Client Care Program, led by the Toronto Central Community Access Centre, which received a Minister’s Medal Honouring Excellence in Health Quality and Safety. For her earlier work as an academic practice leader, Jane was awarded the Award of Merit for Excellence in Nursing Administration from Sigma Theta Tau, Lambda Pi Chapter.

Jane is an Adjunct Professor with the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing University of Toronto. She earned her a Bachelor of Nursing at Laurentian University and Master of Science at the University of Toronto. Jane also has a clinical specialization in Neuroscience Nursing through McGill University and the Montreal Neurological Institute, and specialty certification through the Canadian Nursing Association.

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