Photo collage - staff event

Employees in the Medical Devices Reprocessing Department (MDRD) put on their thinking caps this week, taking a critical look at how processes and technology use need to evolve in the near future. The department, which sterilizes reusable instruments and medical devices, will soon be relocating to a temporary location to enable redevelopment of its space that will nearly triple in size.

In a facilitated session, approximately 20 employees worked in small groups to validate current processes and begin mapping out desired workflows for the future. “Our department will need to transform so once we are in our new space, we can continue our mandate of providing safe equipment to the hospital,” says Garry Bassi, Director of MDRD. “Department staff, the Redevelopment Project Office, Operational Readiness and I will be working together over the coming months and years to ensure we are well positioned for success on moving day and beyond.”

Once the department moves into its redeveloped space in 2020, employees will be using brand new equipment in a more ergonomic environment. Barcoding technology will enhance inventory management, and it will be possible to see the location of devices at the click of a button.

The hospital will also benefit from service enhancements. For example, the department will use case carts to streamline how supplies are picked, and there will be a dedicated clean elevator to deliver these items to the Operating Rooms.

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