Three photos grouped together. Two show groups of employees standing in front of the auditorium entrance, looking at the camera smiling, The other shows a table with many small bags of popcorn. celebrating launch of  online stroke education videos

Bridgepoint rolled out the red carpet for the premiere of a new education video series that supports patients, and their caregivers, who are recovering from stroke.

“Everyone’s stroke recovery is different,” says Jennifer Ridgway, Project Lead, Cultivating Change. “Patients and caregivers told us that information and education about what to expect were important in helping them take an active role in the recovery process.”

The videos are based on Bridgepoint’s successful Stroke Educations Series, offered biweekly by staff on a rotating six-week schedule in a small group setting.

The inpatient and outpatient stroke teams at Bridgepoint worked along with caregivers as partners to create the series of animated videos. Each video is five to six minutes long and covers a different topic about stroke recovery. Members of the care team narrated the voiceover for each video. All six videos will be translated into French, traditional and modern Chinese, Arabic, Italian, and Portuguese.

The creation of the video series was made possible, by a grant from The Change Foundation as part of the Changing CARE project to enhance support for family caregivers in Ontario.