In May, we launched broad engagement with our people, patients and community to start the conversation about how to continue to realize the promise of Sinai Health System and build our next five-year strategic plan. Over the course of six weeks through focus groups, interviews, members of our Strategy Core Team, social media and our people appreciation barbecues we heard from over 1,200 of you on what that future could be.

“What is so inspiring to me is how often the word “care” came up,” said Karen Michell, Vice President of Strategy and External Relations, who is leading Sinai Health through the development of our next strategic plan. “We heard loud and clear how our people are so proud of the care they provide, not just in the context of caring for the patients and family caregivers we serve, but for each other as colleagues and about Sinai Health’s role in the health care system.”

How did we engage and with who?

To demonstrate what six weeks of engagement activities looks like, we’ve developed an infographic to show how we elicited information from a variety of different groups.

infographic of engagement work equalling 1245 touchpoints with stake holders

What we heard

Here are some high level summary points of what we heard:

  • Sinai Health is building on a foundation of powerful strengths
  • There is a lot of energy for “catching up” on foundational processes, infrastructure and systems
  • There are common aspirations to be a truly integrated system, to support a consistent unique “Sinai Health” integrated patient experience, and to support innovation, research and learning activity
  • We are looking forward to knowing what Sinai Health is aiming for in 10 years and how we will be transforming what we do to meet those goals

“I want to acknowledge that we are boiling down a lot of input into a few very high-level points here,” said Karen. “Thank you so much to everyone who spent time sharing their thoughts with us. In the fall, we will continue to deepen these discussions to form priorities for the strategic plan. Please stay tuned for more information about how to continue in these conversations.”

What’s next?

In September and October, a series of Strategy “Hives” will be held to dive deeper into themes and topics that were identified out of this engagement period. The topics for these meetings will be shared later in July, along with details on how to participate.