Holiday initiatives by teams across Sinai Health

Every day our people at Sinai Health are doing extraordinary things. Captured Caring is a series featuring submissions from our people to provide you with inspiration and encouragement as we care for patients and each other. Have your own story or photo to share? Submit it here.

“Workplace Wellness organized a day of molding and crafting oven-bake clay into a clay dog! Our teams put on their creative hats and enjoyed this workshop, capturing the essence of these beloved animals, with their perky ears and wagging tails.”

Submitted by: Meagan Jackson, Occupational Therapist at Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital

“We celebrated Valentine’s Day on our palliative care unit at Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital! The patients enjoying a morning of relaxation – nails manicured while sipping on tea and sitting back listening to some old tunes.”

Submitted by: Susanne Loay, Patient Care Manager at Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital

“The Wasser Pain Management Clinic, part of TAPMI’s (Toronto Academic Pain Medicine Institute) network of partners, is excited to resume in-person group programs and introduce THRIVE, a new Occupational Therapy self-management group for those with persistent pain.

The six-week program integrates pain education on topics such as pacing, goal setting, sleep hygiene, etc. with activities like Qigong and peer support, enabling patients to focus on function and thrive despite their pain. Future plans include expanding into a multidisciplinary team, offering cooking classes and incorporating evidence-based gentle movement exercises. Stay tuned for updates!”

Submitted by: Jacqueline Van Es, Occupational Therapist, Wasser Pain Management Clinic at Mount Sinai Hospital

“March 4-8 marks Social Work Week in Ontario! Through #SocialWorkOpensDoors, we aim to highlight how social workers play a vital role in helping Ontarians achieve greater mental wellbeing, safety, and stability every day. They offer support with various everyday challenges, including relationship issues, stress management, anxiety, depression, addiction, life crises, abuse, bullying, family violence, suicide prevention, grief, loss, and caregiver pressures.

Social workers also help people connect to important resources. With a holistic approach, they consider all aspects of a person’s life—personal, family, work or school, and community—when developing assistance plans. This comprehensive perspective proves invaluable in addressing complex challenges affecting different areas of life. Let’s celebrate the diverse ways social workers enhance health, mental health, and overall wellness for individuals across Sinai Health.”

Submitted by: Sabrina Gaon, Senior Manager, Complex Care Transitions and Social Work at Mount Sinai Hospital

“February 21 marked the first ever National Mental Health Nursing Day in Canada. Inspired by our counterparts in the UK, the Canadian Federation of Mental Health Nurses honoured the unique expertise and unwavering compassion of mental health nurses, who tirelessly serve day and night. We are delighted to acknowledge the dedication of mental health nurses across various domains, including those on 9 South, in the Emergency Department, Consultation Liaison Teams, Outpatient Psychiatry Clinics, and in the Community with our Assertive Community Treatment Team and Seniors Wellness Teams. On behalf of our patients, families, and department – thank you, mental health nurses!”

Submitted by: Sami-Beth Kuchar, Senior Director, Mental Health and Addictions at Mount Sinai Hospital