Careers and Volunteers


Health care worker recruitment scams have come to our attention.  1) Fake job postings and 2) fake job opening emails targeting health-care workers in India and possibly in other countries, falsely claim that they are representing Sinai Health, Mount Sinai Hospital and/or Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital. Click here to learn more.


People are the heart of health care. It’s the collective compassion, skill and commitment of more than 7,000 staff, physicians, researchers and volunteers that drive Sinai Health to achieve new heights of excellence and fulfill our promise of providing exceptional care.

Sinai Health has made a bold commitment to transform care. We are doing this by harnessing the best and brightest talent, working together in inter-professional teams with a common focus; our patients.

Across all of our system, we foster a rich and rewarding professional environment where individuals and teams are recognized and valued. As an award winning, employer of choice, we offer meaningful opportunities for career growth, academic placements, and volunteer opportunities.