Master Planning

Collage of Sinai Health staff, patients and buildings of Mount Sinai Hospital and Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital

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Building the Future of Sinai Health

Creating the future of life-changing care

Sinai Health is embarking on a new master plan, the first since Sinai Health has been formed as we continue to discover and deliver life-changing care.

Since 2015, Sinai Health has delivered excellent care in hospital, community and home. Comprised of Mount Sinai Hospital, Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital, and the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute, Sinai Health discovers and translates scientific breakthroughs, pushes boundaries for health solutions, and educates future clinical and scientific leaders.

This Master Plan will set the groundwork for the future infrastructure needed to care for people in our growing communities over the next 20 to 30 years and build upon the exceptional and specialized care we provide today.

Dr. Gary Newton

“The last few years have highlighted the needs and opportunities for Sinai Health to improve on the way we provide care, now and in the future. Master planning will guide our redevelopment plans by focusing on the changing needs in health care and our drive for enhanced patient and caregiver experiences in our physical environments.”

Dr. Gary Newton
President and CEO
Sinai Health

Peter Cohen

“The vision for Sinai Health is to build Canada’s leading integrated health system. As our vision and mission evolve, we must invest in our people and environments to ensure our patients have access to the highest quality of care in spaces and buildings that support innovation and learning. Engaging Sinai Health people, patients and their care partners in our planning process will help us understand how we can best deliver life-changing care.”

Peter F. Cohen
Chair, Board of Directors
Sinai Health

What does the Master Plan mean for our community?

  • Engaging our diverse community of patients, caregivers and families to understand their unique and evolving care needs
  • Incorporating the unique care needs of our aging population by creating an age-friendly environment with the aim of delivering exceptional, high-quality care to older adults with complex needs across the full continuum
  • Planning for future-focused technologies that seamlessly integrate across our sites to advance patient safety, quality, excellence and workforce well-being
  • Planning for space, infrastructure and new technology to enable innovation, discovery, research and further the science of care that allows us to continue to deliver world-class care
  • Translating our caring culture into our building design to create an environment that promotes healing, well-being, and belonging, and that supports integrated, people-centred care
  • Planning and designing our care environments in partnership with our people, patients, care partners and communities

Share Your Voice

Shape the future of life-changing care at Sinai Health

We would love to hear from you on what the delivery of safe, high-quality and compassionate care looks like for you and your community in the future. There are a number of important questions Sinai Health would like your feedback on as part of this process. Send us an email at [email protected] to share your thoughts on the questions below.

Master Plan Road Map

The journey toward Sinai Health’s future

We are currently in Stage 1 of the Ministry of Health’s five stage capital process. The outcome will be the next major capital project for advancing the infrastructure at Sinai Health.

Roadmap with Icons: Clinical Service Plan, Master Program, Facility Development Plan, Stage 1 Capital Planning Proposal

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Clinical Service Plan

Sinai Health’s Clinical Services Plan (CSP) provides strategic direction and a long-term view (20-30 years in the future) of programs and services required to sustain high-quality, safe and people-centred care into the next generation. Our CSP provides a clinical vision and service model that ensures efficient and effective use of our resources through innovative care models, integrated care delivery, and strategic growth that will continue to meet our patients’ needs today and into the future.

Master Program

Our Master Program will define the Service Delivery Model to best reflect the evolving needs of our patients, community and the changing health care landscape. It illustrates existing and potentially new program and services volume growth and associated space projections and balances projected demand in services and future models of care with consideration for operational and planning efficiencies. This includes understanding community needs and wants, future staffing, and integration with the larger health service ecosystem (i.e., peer hospitals, Ontario Health teams, etc.)

Facility Development Plan

A Master Plan is our dynamic, long-term road map (20-30 years into the future) of how our sites and building infrastructure will grow and develop to support our future service delivery outlined in our Clinical Services Plan and Master Program. This includes evaluating the condition and potential use of existing buildings and systems, as well as defining the long-term development strategies for Sinai Health’s campuses and possibly new acquisitions.

Stage 1 Capital Planning Proposal

Once our Master Plan is complete, Sinai Health will submit our Capital Planning Proposal (Pre-Capital Submission) for the next major Sinai Health redevelopment initiative to the Ministry of Health and Ontario Health.

Ministry of Health’s Capital Planning Process

The Ministry of Health’s Capital Planning Process has five stages and is a requirement of the Ministry of Health. Each stage builds on information developed in the one before and moves from planning through design and implementation. Government approvals are required at various stages of the process and community engagement is essential and will take place at each step of the process.

Timeline with icons: Stage 1: Proposal, Stage 2: Functional Program, Stage 3: Preliminary Design Development, Stage 4: Working Drawings, Stage 5: Implementation

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Stage 1 | Proposal

The Proposal comprises of the work completed in Sinai Health’s Master Program and Master Plan and identifies the next major project initiative. If the Proposal is approved then the Ministry typically provides a planning grant for Stage 2.

Stage 2 | Functional Program

The Functional Program is a detailed description of the programs to be delivered, the workload and staffing associated with those programs and major equipment and space requirements. If approved, the Ministry typically provides a planning grant for Stages 3 and 4.

Stage 3 | Preliminary Design Development

The Preliminary project design involves developing block and sketch plans, as well as details about major components, timelines and costing.

Stage 4 | Working Drawings

Detailed working drawings and contract documents for tender are developed.

Stage 5 | Implementation

Contract is awarded and construction begins.