The Ethics department assists with ethical problems that arise in health care and research settings. Ethical issues are conflicts that arise between or among moral principles (e.g., issues involving one’s autonomy) often in the form of moral distress.

When to Contact Ethics

Dealing with issues related to:

Health-care professional/patient relationship

  • informed consent
  • competence or capacity
  • freedom of choice (freedom from manipulation, deception and coercion)
  • truth telling
  • confidentiality
  • privacy
  • fidelity and loyalty
  • trust
  • integrity, etc.

Beginning and end of life care

  • personhood
  • suicide, or withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment
  • substitute decision making (determinations of best interests, the role of advance directives), etc.
  • euthanasia and assisted death

Other ethical issues

  • organizational ethics and felt voicelessness (issues of power and authority)
  • ethical issues arising from diversity (gender, sexuality, religion, culture)
  • the ethics of gate-keeping and caring in the face of medical futility or lack of resources

Sinai Health Ethics Framework

Your Privacy and Personal Health Information

At Mount Sinai Hospital, we are committed to protecting your privacy and the privacy and confidentiality of your personal health information. Visit our Privacy page to learn more about the collection, use and protection of this information.