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Media Policies

All media inquiries and requests for interviews, patient information or hospital information, are coordinated through the Corporate Communications department. Our first priority is to answer media inquiries related to Sinai Health’s activities and patient care. All other requests are considered on an individual basis.

Physicians and employees of Sinai Health are expected to forward all media inquiries to Corporate Communications. As a timesaving measure, media are advised to contact Corporate Communications directly in advance of contacting physicians and employees. We will make every effort to address requests for interviews promptly and with respect to your deadline.

Contact Our Media Relations Team

During regular business hours
(9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

Page on-call representative after
business hours or on the weekend
through Locating:

call icon

416-586-4800 ext. 5133

416-586-4800 ext. 5133

Media On-Site

All requests for on-site media interviews, filming or photography must be referred to Corporate Communications. While on Sinai Health property, media representatives must be escorted by a member of the Communications department or designated employee or physician at all times.

A member of the department will work closely with the requester or media representative to approve the visit and its related logistics.

Release of Patient Information

Sinai Health is committed to the privacy of our patients, families and people.

All media requests for patient information or condition reports must be directed to Corporate Communications. No information will be released without express consent from the patient or the patient’s legal substitute decision-maker.

Once approval for the release information is granted, the attending physician and Communications will determine the appropriate spokesperson and details to be released.

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