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For the month of December, we are focusing on the exciting world of research. At Sinai Health, research and discovery is a cornerstone of everything we do, and the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute (LTRI) is one of the world’s top biomedical research institutes, powering scientific discovery for almost 35 years. At its core, LTRI brings together the perfect storm of creativity, curiosity and observation for the investigation of medicine’s most important questions.

“To put it simply: our discovery science is the best there is. But what value is that new knowledge if it can’t be harnessed to prevent diseases? That’s why we’re embedded within Sinai Health’s Mount Sinai Hospital and Bridgepoint Active Healthcare. This means we have PhD scientists and physician-scientists working together to enhance their creativity and to invent new ways of thinking about care.”

Jim Woodgett, LTRI Director of Research.

Read the rest of his letter as part of Sinai Health Foundation’s Research Wrap-Up.

We are leaders

LTRI plays a critical part in bridging the gap between research and treatment. The work being done establishes Sinai Health as a top tier academic leader. It is comprised of 34 highly collaborative labs with cutting-edge facilities, 118 researchers, 250 trainees and more than 500 staff.

Among our scientists and clinicians are some of the biomedical world’s greatest minds. We are the global frontrunner for diabetes research and discovery; a leader in cancer research; and are quickly moving the dial on treatment for and understanding of IBD illnesses, as well as driving world-class innovation behind pregnancy and labour and delivery approaches.

LTRI Four Pillars of Research

Representative icon for Discovery science

Discovery science

Making connections between remarkable new discoveries and patient care. Scientists across Sinai Health make discoveries that reveal the mysteries of disease and nurture those discoveries to improve human health.

Representative icon for Clinical/translational research

Clinical/translational research

Research rooted in the study of patients. Our researchers carry out studies that improve treatments – and seek cures – for some of today’s most intractable diseases.

Representative icon for Population health research

Population health research

Much can be learned about the nature of disease by studying lifestyle, environmental and genetic characteristics among large groups of people. Our population health researchers contribute to the development of better disease prevention and treatment strategies.

Representative icon for health system research

Health systems research

Innovation that influences care delivery beyond our walls. We are constantly looking at the missing links in our health care system to improve the experience for patients and caregivers. Our goal is to re-design and test new models of care to improve people’s experiences and outcomes.

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