Every day our people at Sinai Health are doing extraordinary things. Captured Caring is a series featuring submissions from our people to provide you with inspiration and encouragement as we care for patients and each other. Have your own story or photo to share? Submit it here.

Headshot of Nadine Williams

Nadine Williams will give a keynote presentation on Monday, February 22.

“The Black History Month Committee would like to encourage everyone to register for the keynote address on Creative Expressions for Well-being given by Nadine Williams on February 22. Nadine is an author, activist, and entrepreneur and will be talking about her journey and experiences with mental health and well-being. Details are available here.”
Submitted by: Kathryn Edgett, Diversity and Inclusion Specialist, Sinai Health




“Members of the Palliative Care Team took a short trip outdoors to make snow angels after our second snowfall of the year! The team works hard every day ensuring that patients and families receive the highest quality of care and at the same time making work a fun and safe place to be. Our 10 North motto – We. Are. Family.”
Submitted by: Susanne Loay, Patient Care Manager, Palliative Care Unit, Bridgepoint





“This is a picture from the 11 North Unit Council’s latest Zoom meeting including Iliana, Himan, Nisho and Mary.  We are very proud that they have continued to organize these virtual meetings to build on their quality improvement projects to support the unit, staff and patients!”
Submitted by: Sarabeth Silver, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Surgery/Oncology, Mount Sinai