In recent weeks, Bridgepoint and Mount Sinai were abuzz with activity as our people on both campuses turned out in great numbers to our Purpose and Values Open Houses. The events introduced employees, physicians, learners, scientists, volunteers as well as patient and family caregiver advisors to Sinai Health’s proposed Purpose and Values. “The people who work, learn, and volunteer at Sinai Health know what makes this place special, but we have to put it into words to have a shared understanding and ensure we perpetuate this in all we do,” says Dr. Gary Newton, President and CEO. “Stating our values allows us to recruit people who align with our values, gives us a yardstick to measure our performance against, and gives all of us a description of the behaviours that we all must strive for. Values are lived every day which is why this work is so essential.”

For the Open Houses, the proposed Purpose and Values were brought to life in interactive stations featuring large displays with draft concepts and photos from across the organization. Attendees travelled through the stations, pausing to reflect or discuss with colleagues. By the end of each event, the displays were crowded with stickers and ballot boxes were full of comment cards attendees used to provide their feedback on how the Purpose and Values resonated with them.

The work of discovering the proposed Purpose and Values started in the fall with group sessions where individuals representing our people, called Voyageurs, from across the organization shared their perspectives.

“Having input from all people who make up Sinai Health assures that we have a stated shared Purpose and Values that is reflective of who we are,” adds Susan Brown, Executive Vice President, People & Culture and Chief Human Resources Officer. “When people identify with the Purpose and Values, everything positive intensifies—they see the impact of their work more fully, they find greater joy at work, their productivity increases, they contribute to a healthier work environment and ultimately, they contribute to safer care”.

More than 1400 people attended four Open Houses over the course of two days at Bridgepoint and Mount Sinai. All of the comments and feedback collected will be used to further validate and shape our final Purpose and Values statements. Next steps will be to officially introduce and embed the Purpose and Values in all of our work and at all levels of the organization.

What participants had to say:

“I think this is a great, innovative way of orienting employees to our values and promoting employee engagement to express how they feel these values are exemplified in their lives and in their work.” Usman Khan, Physiotherapist, Bridgepoint Active Healthcare

“I think this event is fantastic and so necessary. [The value statement] “Service”, including high-quality care, speaks loudly to me because it reflects my experience as a patient. You see the highest level of service and professionalism from employees, nurses, doctors, everyone.”  Jodi Nakelsky, Patient Advisor, Mount Sinai Hospital

“I like the mention of respect and empathy [under the value “Humanity”]. That has always been a part of Bridgepoint. That’s why I’ve been volunteering here so long. It’s such a special place.”Martha MacNeil, Volunteer, Bridgepoint Active Healthcare

“I love all the displays and the way everything was set up. To me, it’s all about the compassionate care, and I also loved seeing the importance of research reflected. The values are a good representation of the qualities of Sinai Health.”  Edwina Parrenas, RN, Mount Sinai Hospital

It’s a great opportunity to give feedback and see what your co-workers’ experience is like,” says Louise. William adds, “it’s great to get the feedback of everyone, no matter what their role is, and see how everyone comes together to make things happen here.” Louise Hembruff and William Austin, Surgical Support Services, Mount Sinai Hospital

 “For me, patient care is always number one. No matter what a patient goes through, I want them to be able to say ‘the nurses and doctors and all the staff were great’. I think something like this shares our humanity – to see the human behind all of us, both patient and staff.” Julijana Kiracovska-Savevski, Breast Imaging Technologist, Mount Sinai Hospital

Didn’t have a chance to visit a Purpose and Values Open House?

If you were unable to attend, we have created a digital experience so we can hear back from you and ensure you have a change to have your say. Please visit our Purpose and Values digital experience to join the conversation. The survey will remain open until March 20.