March is national Nutrition Month, and across Sinai Health we highlighted the work that happens in our hospitals and in our communities to ensure our patients and clients receive the nutrition they need to support their care. See below for some pictures and fast facts.

Plates of food prepared in Mount Sinai's Kitchen

Mount Sinai’s kitchen produced 28,000 patient meals in the month of March. That’s enough to feed over half the Rogers Centre.

Kitchen staff meet with dietitian

Bridgepoint dietitians promote patients’ overall health by optimizing their nutrition, playing a crucial role on the care team

Dietitian with nutrition month display in oncology

Mount Sinai’s roster of Registered Dietitians and Dietetic Technicians support our patients across programs from geriatrics, to diabetes, cancer and even our neonatal intensive care unit.

Food line in Bridgepoint's kitchen

Bridgepoint’s state-of-the-art kitchen makes approximately 39,000 meals per month for our patients. Registered Dietitians work closely with the Food Services team to provide nutritious meals made mostly from scratch.

Kosher meals on wheels meal

Circle of Care’s Kosher Meals on Wheels program has been delivering meals in the Toronto area for 51 years.

Baby receiving milk from syringe

Mount Sinai manages the preparation of over 500 syringes a day to ensure our NICU babies are properly nourished. These syringes can be made up of breast milk, supplements and probiotics.

Bridgepoint has over 120 types of dietary modifications or restrictions including diabetic, low sodium, gluten-free, and modified texture diets. Registered Dietitians, Diet Technicians and Diet Clerks work together to ensure each patient’s meals are tailored to their needs

Dietitians in Mount Sinai's NICU

Mount Sinai’s Dietitians take on over 10 dietetic interns a year, helping to train the next generation of health-care professionals.

Meal Tray prep in Mount Sinai's Kitchen

At meal times, it takes 20 seconds for staff in Mount Sinai’s kitchen staff to prepare a patients meal tray.

The mixer at work in Bridgepoint's kitchen

Bridgepoint’s kitchen has an electric mixer that can hold approximately 60 litres. That’s about 12 times the size of the stand mixer you may use at home, which holds about 5 litres.

volunteers for meals on wheels

Last year, more than 178,000 meals were delivered by 200+ volunteers through Circle of Care’s Meals on Wheels program

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