Notice: Health-care worker recruitment scams

Health-care worker recruitment scams have come to our attention.  1) Fake job postings and 2) fake job opening emails targeting health-care workers in India and possibly in other countries, falsely claim that they are representing Sinai Health, Mount Sinai Hospital and/or Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital. The emails say that the hospitals are actively recruiting healthcare professionals (e.g. radiographer) to come to Canada and are guaranteeing these individuals approved entry into Canada in addition to a job at our hospital for a fee. The emails also request individuals to provide personal information such as passport numbers, date of birth, etc. This program does not exist.  Under no circumstances does Sinai Health ask for fees in our recruitment process. Please consider any such emails to be fraudulent.

Sinai Health has reported the fraudulent activity to the RCMP and they recommend that if the individual has provided money or information they should file a report with their local police if in Canada; alternatively for those outside of Canada they should report an incident by calling 1-888-495-8501 or by visiting the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre on-line at​