Kitchen staff preparing meals

The holiday season is here and for many of us that likely means preparing large meals for our loved ones, reflecting on the year behind us and looking ahead to the future. These same sentiments ring true in Mount Sinai’s kitchen, where over 800 patient meals are prepared every single day and where staff are looking ahead to 2021 when they will be working in a new, state-of-the-art kitchen.

The kitchen was originally built in 1973 and is a key area of transformation in the Renew Sinai project. The dramatically redesigned kitchen will:

  • Provide patients with more choice and control at mealtime, improving their experiences and nutrition while also reducing food waste
  • Use state-of-the-art software to match patients with personalized menus, manage ingredient inventory and enhance operational efficiencies
  • Enable chefs to prepare more foods from scratch
  • Be much more energy efficient with new equipment that replaces older, energy-intensive industrial appliances

We asked Jessica Godin, Manager, Patient Food Services, what she is looking most forward to in the transformed kitchen, and her response encompasses the spirit of the holidays.

“Healthy, wholesome and nutritious food is essential to our patients’ healing process,” says Jessica. “So what’s most exciting for me is about how the kitchen renovation will enhance our patients’ experience at meal time and their overall experience in our hospital.”

Renew Sinai is the most ambitious redevelopment project in Mount Sinai’s history. Learn more at