Team of people looking at a floorplan

Picture this: The year is 2022, our new state-of-the-art Intensive Care Unit has just opened its doors and our most critically ill patients need to be transported, along with their complex equipment, to the brand new department 13 floors below. Figuring out how we will orchestrate this move while keeping our patients safe is one of many questions that need to be answered through collaboration and creativity.

At a facilitated session last week, a multi-functional team began planning for the future ICU and proactively identified all of the potential problems that need to be solved in advance for a seamless transition. They also looked at floor plans, envisioned their future workflows and identified what they will need to provide the best possible patient care in the new space.

A photo of what a future Intensive Care Unit patient room will look like.

Glimpse into the future of an Intensive Care Unit patient room.

“This is the first major step in the ICU transformation journey,” says Nataleigh Gooden, Operational Readiness Project Manager, who planned last week’s session and is helping the ICU prepare for the future. “While planning has been going on behind the scenes for several years, this session provided us with a blueprint for what needs to happen before, during and after construction.”

Our transformed ICU will be a brand new 35,000 square foot space on Mount Sinai’s fifth floor, located closer to the Emergency Department and Operating rooms. “ICU patients require talented clinicians, cutting-edge technology and comfortable surroundings to recover and return to their lives as quickly as possible,” says Dr. Stephen Lapinsky, Director of our Intensive Care Unit. “Our new ICU will provide all of this.”

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