Together, with support from the newly announced Dani Reiss Innovation Fund for Healthy Ageing Research, Dr. Graham Collingridge, a senior investigator and Dr. Daniel Durocher, associate director of the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute are positioned to conduct breakthrough research into the fastest-growing population group in the country – our oldest Canadians.

The establishment of the fund has been made possible by a generous $10-million gift from long-time Sinai Health supporter Dani Reiss. In powering the work of Drs. Collingridge and Durocher, the fund will enable innovative studies and discovery research aimed at improving our understanding of the ageing process and ageing-related diseases. What’s more, it will facilitate training of the next generation of ageing-focused researchers, provide cutting-edge equipment for research and generate new scientific knowledge related to aging.

According to Dr. Durocher, the Dani Reiss Innovation Fund will allow his team the flexibility to pursue areas of research they’ve not been able to fund any other way. “Ageing, by definition, takes a long time. And because of the magnitude of the work ahead of us, it would be difficult to move the dial or have an impact on our ageing population if we don’t have this type of long-term funding,” he says.

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