Four employees in an office looking at the camera, smiling

This photo is courtesy of Ben Rahn/A-Frame.

Years of planning have become reality.

This week, Mount Sinai Hospital welcomes its new outpatient Cancer Care Clinic, a modern space that will deliver an enhanced patient experience through integrated care and increased treatment, examination and consultation spaces.

As part of the Hospital’s renowned Christopher Sharp Cancer Centre, the Clinic will build on Mount Sinai’s expertise in cancer care and its reputation as one of the largest specialized cancer programs in Ontario, and is home to the Ruth Burnett Centre for Outpatient Oncology.

With patient-centric design at its core, it will better serve the comprehensive care needs of its patients.

Such as former Mount Sinai cancer patient Heather Sherman.

In 2019 Heather was blindsided by the discovery of a lump in her breast. Within days she was in an examination room, on a journey no one ever expects to be on. The Mount Sinai oncology team guided her through surgery, chemotherapy and tests.

Now a volunteer with the same team, Heather was given a first-hand preview of the Clinic, and shares her first impressions of the new space where patients will receive chemotherapy.  

“Wow. I was overwhelmed with this new facility. The state of the art new design and technology now available will allow an even better, smoother and efficient care path for our patients,” she says. “Bravo!!!!!!!!”

Dr. Christine Brezden-Masley, Medical Director of the Cancer Program at Sinai Health, echoes Heather’s excitement.

“Our new outpatient oncology clinic and treatment suite has been purpose-designed to place patients and their loved ones at the centre of their care, bringing experts and specialists to directly to them,” she says. “This space is the future of cancer care at Sinai Health.”

The Clinic offers a collaborative environment for medical and surgical oncology, nursing, pharmacy, social work, supportive and palliative care, nutrition, psychiatry, genetics counselling and clinical trials teams. It is one of many bold Renew Sinai redevelopment projects that will deliver life-changing care.