Every day our people at Sinai Health are doing extraordinary things. Captured Caring is a series featuring submissions from our people to provide you with inspiration and encouragement as we care for patients and each other. Have your own story or photo to share? Submit it here.

Hospital equipment in Cameroon“As Renew Sinai Phase 3A transforms Mount Sinai, many of the redeveloped clinical spaces require new equipment. Whenever equipment is replaced, various departments such as Building Services, Biomedical Engineering, RPO, Support Services and the impacted clinical areas work to repurpose the older, but still-functioning equipment in other areas of the hospital. But not all of this equipment can find a new use. Sinai Health works with non-profit organizations to donate this equipment to other health care facilities locally and internationally. Earlier this year, a shipment of equipment from Mount Sinai arrived at a non-profit organization in Cameroon that operates a network of hospitals across the country.”
Submitted by: Tracey Clatworthy, Environmental Sustainability, Building Services, Mount Sinai  

Physiotherapy team“May is Physiotherapy Month and Bridgepoint’s physiotherapists have a lot to celebrate! On June 3, the University of Toronto Department of Physical Therapy will present the Exceptional Achievement and Recognition Awards to physiotherapists who demonstrated excellence in teaching over the past year. Nine Bridgepoint physiotherapists will be honoured with these awards this year: Megan Au, Karen Bang, Brenda Elliott, Samantha Grimes, Mae Kotsios, Heather Kwok, Alan Le, Vanessa Pavani and Daniela Soares. These dedicated clinician educators supervised senior physiotherapy students early in the pandemic to help them graduate on time and join the workforce. Congratulations to this team whose efforts did not go unnoticed at Bridgepoint or at the University of Toronto.

CupcakesThe whole team marked Physiotherapy Month with a healthy ‘to go’ lunch and individually packaged cupcakes. It was a nice way to recognize and thank our physiotherapists and physiotherapy assistants for all they do to support patients and caregivers.”
Submitted by: Heather Kwok, Physiotherapist and Clinical Practice Leader of Physiotherapy, Bridgepoint

Thank you card from St.Mike's“The University of St. Michael’s College at U of T delivered a giant thank you card for the Mount Sinai community. I encourage everyone to read through the thoughtful messages as a reminder of the important work we’ve all been a part of and how much everyone is appreciated. The card will be kept at Mount Sinai’s Screening Command Desk.”
Submitted by: Suhail Rafiq, Supervisor, Screening, Mount Sinai

Photo of biomed team member“Please join us in celebrating National Biomedical and Clinical Engineering Week (May 16 to 22). This week gives us the opportunity to recognize the important contributions of Biomedical Engineering professionals (Technologists and Clinical Engineers) at Sinai Health who combine their knowledge and passion for technology and health care to support patients and clinicians across care, research and education.

These health care professionals research, plan, recommend, install, inspect and repair medical devices, andPhoto of biomed team member other complicated medical systems. They also advise and train others about the safe and effective use of medical devices, improving patient safety and controlling health care costs.

The pandemic has placed a spotlight on many of their activities, as they bring their expertise, flexibility and resourcefulness to the changing clinical environment in many urgent situations. They have rapidly helped to acquire and deploy new equipment, expanded critical care capacity, and have ensured that all spaces are technology-ready to care for COVID-19 patients.”
Submitted by: Biomedical Engineering Leadership, Sinai Health