Caregivers at the Syron Caregiver Resource Centre at Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital.

“Caregiving can be a full-time role. I experience this firsthand as I take care of my partner and learn how challenging it is to navigate the health-care system and provide support for a loved one,” says Lee Sneddon, a family caregiver who is on the Steering Committee for the Caregiver Resource Centre at Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital.

“Family caregivers are important members of the care team. Based on engagement, we discovered that caregivers wanted support, education, community resources, and a place to rest and practice self-care,” says Jennifer Ridgway, Manager of Patient Experience and Engagement at Sinai Health.

Now, Sinai Health is proud to announce the opening of the Syron Caregiver Resource Centre at Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital, as part of an initiative to enhance the caregiving experience. The centre is the outcome of a collaborative effort involving more than 150 caregivers, like Lee, who shared their insights, experiences, and suggestions to shape the vision and design of the space.

“The Caregiver Resource Centre is designed to provide education, support, and resources for caregivers. This centre reflects Sinai Health’s efforts to partner with patients and caregivers to provide inclusive, compassionate and people-centred care,” says Jennifer.

The project began with a generous donation from Bernard and Mildred Syron, and along with support from the foundation and organization, the centre can now support the unique needs of caregivers. This centre is a valuable addition to Hennick Bridgepoint’s ‘campus of wellness’ which is designed to inspire health and innovation, support healing, and serve as a welcoming, accessible place for patients and the community.

“Sinai Health’s commitment to developing spaces that are dedicated to caregivers like me is commendable – where other people who are also going through the same experience can come, ask questions and be supported,” adds Lee.

The launch of the Caregiver Resource Centre marks a significant step towards delivering life-changing care and recognizing the invaluable role of caregivers by providing them with the support they need and deserve.

Features include:

  • A warm and welcoming respite space for caregivers
  • Programs to support caregiver wellness and resilience
  • Education on caregiver topics
  • Access to resources and practical skills for caregiving

Practical support:

  • Resource person or a volunteer to answer general questions
  • Information from community partners
  • Access to streaming for music and movies
  • Reliable Wi-Fi, work area and charging stations