From left to right: Darlene Lyte, Edgar Oro, Christina Fabbruzzo-Cota

Congratulations to the 1,400 recipients marking service milestones between two and 45 years. As we recognized our people, they shared some highlights about working at Sinai Health.


Darlene Lyte“It’s inspiring to be a part of creating change every single day no matter how big the challenge or small the task. Working with such a dedicated group of people who share a common goal makes me proud to call Sinai Health my second home.” Darlene Lyte, Project Manager, Facilities Planning and Development, Sinai Health | Celebrating Five Years


Edgar Oro“In the two decades working at Bridgepoint, I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with such a great community. I take pride being a part of a team that values meaningful work.” Edgar Oro, Unit Support Technician, Central Supply Room, Bridgepoint | Celebrating 20 Years



Christina Fabbruzzo-Cota“My team and patients inspire me to come to work every day. My colleagues motivate me to create a positive environment for our people and help improve the patient experience. I often witness strong collaboration between team members which result in great patient-centred care. It’s a good feeling knowing that I’m a part of teams that positively impact patients during difficult periods in their lives. I am also inspired by the perseverance patients demonstrate. Faced with difficult and challenging situations, they are able to find the strength to be positive and overcome or accept their experiences with grace.” Christina Fabbruzzo-Cota, Nurse Unit Administrator, Mount Sinai | Celebrating 20 Years


Vivian Reyes“Two things stand out about my career here. First, the people and the deep trusting relationships. My colleagues have always been there for me and the environment is compassionate and caring. Teamwork and love are everywhere. I’m also struck by the many opportunities for learning and growth. I encourage everyone at Sinai Health to take advantage of these.” Vivian Reyes, Administrative Coordinator, Bridgepoint | Celebrating 30 Years


Carla Gibson“As I reflect on my ten years here, I am so proud to have been at Bridgepoint on the day of the move to the new hospital. The sense of excitement was incredible as we gathered and readied to move the first patient. It was one of the biggest events I have ever been involved with and feel lucky to be a part of it.” Carla Gibson, Clinical Applications Specialist, Bridgepoint | Celebrating 10 Years


Camala Day“A significant moment for me was the creation of the Patient Relations & Quality Management Centre at Mount Sinai Hospital in 1993. Now known as the Miles & Kelly Nadal and Family Patient Relations Unit, it emphasizes the importance of patient and family-centered care and provides the opportunity to work collaboratively with patients, their family members, hospital staff and health care teams to support and enhance quality care at Mount Sinai. The opportunity to hear feedback directly from patients, family members and caregivers is essential in understanding their care experience and in identifying opportunities for quality improvement.” Camala Day, Facilitator, Patient Relations, Mount Sinai | Celebrating 35 Years


Thank you to all our employees, physicians and scientists for choosing to work at Sinai Health.

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