A steady hand extended at just the right moment. A warm smile that brightens a patient’s day. A friendly voice on the other side of a phone.  These are just some of the moments of care that our hospital volunteers provide every day.

Volunteers are a large part of Sinai Health and contributed an inspiring 30,762 hours last year, serving the hospital and community.

“Our volunteers are gradually returning to programs at our hospitals while others continue to contribute remotely,” says Theresa Shiel, Senior Manager, Volunteer Resources at Sinai Health. “It is heartwarming to see such demonstration of our volunteers’ unwavering dedication and generosity especially at this evolving time.”

At the end of April we will be celebrating National Volunteer Week as a way to say thank you to our committed volunteers and highlight the impact they have on our patients. Meet two of our volunteers below and learn about their inspiration for sharing their time, energy and compassion with our patients.

“When my husband was recovering at Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital after knee surgery I was so impressed with the facility that I discovered my desire to volunteer at this hospital.

My mother had dementia and I tried to be with her as much as I could in the end. When I was visiting my mother in her long-term care home in Montreal I saw a lot of people with dementia who didn’t have visitors. I wanted to make sure patients at Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital had someone visit and put a smile on their face.

This is my way of giving back to the hospital.”

Carol-Sue O’Hanley, MAUVE Volunteer, Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital.

“Mount Sinai means a lot to me. It’s a great place and volunteering has allowed me give back to the community and find my passion for helping people.

Volunteering has allowed me to grow my communication skills, both personally and professionally. I value what I learned from attending rounds with nurses or helping patients find their way through the hospital, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Nicole Cellallos, NICU Volunteer, Mount Sinai Hospital.

Thank you to all of our volunteers. Your dedication, enthusiasm and care you bring is felt by our patients and radiates throughout our hospitals.