Representative image for Grateful hearts

During the next few weeks, you will see a renewed Grateful Hearts campaign come to life throughout Mount Sinai Hospital.  Grateful Hearts gives patients the opportunity to thank and recognize their care team.  It was started almost a decade ago by long-time patient and volunteer Charlene Girt who volunteers every Thursday to promote the program in the lobby. Once a Grateful Hearts donation is made, a member of the care team receives a thank-you card and beautiful pin. Some people have collected many pins over the years and we’re delighted to see they wear them as badges of honour.

Last year, the Grateful Hearts program reached an incredible $1 million milestone and continues to raise critical funds for research and care.  This is a meaningful way for both a member of the care team and donor to feel immediate impact and recognition.  The refreshed campaign features our grateful patients from many of our clinical strengths including: women’s and infants’, heart, diabetes, and inflammatory bowel disease.

In the coming months, we will be rolling out this program at our other sites, including Bridgepoint Active Healthcare.  If you would like to read our inspiring patient stories, please visit