A health-care provider and a patient are walking down the hallway of a hospital. The patient is an older adult woman and she is walking towards the camera with a walking pole in her left hand. The health care provider walks on the patient's right side, holding her hand and offering support

For patients and caregivers adapting to life after a stroke, knowledge is power. Education and information helps patients and caregivers make the most of rehabilitation and optimize recovery.

That’s why, in October of 2020, Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital’s stroke team, a leading provider of stroke rehabilitation care, launched a series of short videos to provide essential information about stroke recovery. The videos were created based on stroke best practices with consultation from patients and caregivers. These easy-to-understand videos are available online any time and cover topics including symptoms and effects of a stroke, steps patients can take to prevent another stroke, what to expect during rehabilitation, plus resources and information on adapting to life after a stroke.

In order to improve equitable access for caregivers and patients at Hennick Bridgepoint, the videos are now available in English, French and the top five languages spoken by Hennick Bridgepoint’s patient population. Translating the videos has expanded their audience around the world. Below are some quick facts about the impact and reach of this important resource.

Comments from patients and caregivers:

  • “I wish I had this video right after my stroke.”
  • “It’s a chance to have a discussion.”
  • “The video gives you hope.”
  • “Video is a good way to learn—quick and concise.”

Total views

The videos have reached 349,482 views across all seven languages for a total of 14,714 hours of viewing time.

Video views by language

  • English: 176,857
  • Mandarin: 34,110
  • Arabic: 37,990
  • Italian: 3,150
  • French: 3,781
  • Cantonese: 2,004
  • Portuguese: 307

Global reach

The top five countries for views outside of Canada are:

  • United States: 55,132
  • India: 36,437
  • Philippines: 14,788
  • Malaysia: 11,625
  • Iraq: 7,389

A resource for patients across Ontario

Hennick Bridgepoint has shared the videos with organizations across Ontario, including the Toronto Stroke Recovery Networks and other hospitals, extending the reach of the videos to patients and caregivers across the province.