This month, nursing staff received training on new infusion pumps that will soon be rolling out to units across Bridgepoint. Infusion pumps are an essential piece of equipment used to administer fluids, medications and nutrients to patients intravenously. The new “smart pump” units are designed for ease of use and equipped with advanced safety features.Nurse using smart pump IV pump

“I think the new infusion pumps will improve patient safety and quality in nursing practice,” says Gladys, a nurse who recently participated in a training session. “It enforces double checks to ensure the right patient receives the right dose of the right medication at the right rate. It prevents miscalculations, setting errors and dosing errors.”

The new infusion pumps will be launched on units starting June 26. “I’m looking forward to using this new technology,” says Julie, aNurse using smart pump IV pumplso a nurse who has taken the training. “I think it will help to deliver safer care for patients by reducing potentially harmful IV medication errors.”

Implementing the roll out of the new pumps is a team effort by Pharmacy, Information Services, Nursing, Operations, Infection Control, Biomedical Engineering, CSR, and Support Services along with the vendor’s project team.

If you have any questions about the new smart pumps, contact Jackie Eli (project lead) at [email protected] or your nurse educator/APN.