Volunteers from Mount Sinai and Hennick Bridgepoint Hospitals

Meet some of Sinai Health’s newest trailblazers, recipients at this year’s Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards ceremony. At the forefront of leading breakthroughs in cancer care, guiding the younger generation, and setting new standards for patient care excellence – they are nothing short of remarkable.


The Drucker-Reitman Families Innovation Awards

The Drucker-Reitman Families Innovation Awards recognize basic scientific innovation and clinical innovation made by trainees at the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute. Their research and discoveries have the capability of transforming medical care.

Dr. Aaron Gazendam of the Sarcoma Team has been instrumental in extending care for sarcoma patients in rural communities. Under Dr. Ferguson’s mentorship, he is investigating if local care benefits patients without compromising quality of care.


Dr. Khalid Al-Zahrani of the Schramek and Wrana Lab has been conducting critical work with basal-like breast cancer, one of the most aggressive types of cancer. His new method of identifying cancer-driving genes could lead to new treatment options that improve patient outcomes.

Learn more about the research conducted by Dr. Aaron Gazendam and Dr. Khalid Al-Zahrani.


The Diamond Jubilee Scholarship

The Diamond Jubilee Scholarship supports children of Sinai Health people in their pursuit of higher education. Awardees demonstrate strong academic abilities and contribute through school activities and volunteering in the community.

Jaelen Calaguian, child of Joseph Calaguian, Registered Practical Nurse at Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital, was the first Filipina student council president at her school and helped raise funds for the homeless. An avid basketball and volleyball player, and founder of the first cheerleading team at her school, she hopes to empower women through sport. Jaelen will attend the University of Toronto this fall.

Nameer Issani, child of Zoila Issani, Registered Nurse at Mount Sinai Hospital, is an outstanding leader who will join the University of Waterloo this September. Recognized for his kindness, he creates a safe and nurturing environment for youth. As vice president of his school’s athletic council, Nameer organized activities and established the first Muslim student association to help students support each other and celebrate their heritage.


The Rose Torno Bursary

The Rose Torno Bursary is awarded to an individual who demonstrates potential in their research project or plans for continued education in health-sciences. Cameron Thompson is a Research Coordinator at the Schwartz/Reisman Emergency Medicine Institute and Emergency Department at Mount Sinai. Currently pursuing his PhD, Cameron’s graduate work focuses on investigating the overall burden of avoidable emergency department visits in Ontario and determining what factors predict future visits. He hopes his research will inform how to best structure and support emergency services in a sustainable manner.


The Valerie Fine Bursary

The Valerie Fine Bursary recognizes an individual who demonstrates Sinai Health’s Value of Humanity in their work, and supports their continued education toward the promotion of patient care excellence. Angel Lau, Elder Life Specialist at Mount Sinai, is a candidate for the masters of social work program. During the pandemic when many people were deprived of contact, she redeveloped the MAUVE (Maximizing Aging Using Volunteer Engagement) program that aims to improve the quality of life of older adults. Angel introduced a mobile service, enabling volunteers to conduct activities at the bedside, providing a better quality of life for patients.


The Bernard Ghert Award of Resident Excellence in Patient Focused Care

The Bernard Ghert Award recognizes a resident for their mentoring and role-modeling abilities, as well as their interpersonal skills and interactions with patients and families. Dr. Lauren Clarfield, a PGY 2 in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Mount Sinai, excels in her relationships with colleagues and patients. Combined with her exemplary education, research and work ethic, she demonstrates skills beyond her expected level both technically and in clinical decision-making. Lauren takes on a masterful role to teach both patients and members of the allied health team, ensuring they understand why decisions are being made and improving the quality of care for patients.