Medical Device Reprocessing Department group

Medical Device Reprocessing Staff holding training manuals during an orientation session in their new space.

Employees in the Medical Devices Reprocessing Department sterilize and package about 150,000 reusable instruments and medical devices every year. Soon they will be performing this vital task in a completely redesigned and expanded space but first thing’s first: construction must take place!

That’s why a section of the department recently moved to a nearby temporary location – an early step enabling redevelopment. In 2020, when employees sterilize their first piece of equipment in the new department, they won’t just be doing it with brand new equipment in a space almost triple its current size. Barcoding technology will also enhance inventory management, and it will be possible to see the location of devices at the click of a button.

The enhancements don’t stop there. The department will also use case carts to streamline how supplies are picked, and there will be a dedicated clean elevator to deliver these items to the Operating Rooms.

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