Savlov/Schmidt Summer Scholars

This week, Mount Sinai Hospital saw the next generation of elder-friendly health care professionals showcase original research related to the care of older adults. The 2019 Savlov/Schmidt Summer Scholars – Lavan Sivarajah, Sabrina Fitzgerald, Brian Serapio, Michelle Gyenes, Nanki Ahluwalia and Joseph Chon – presented their research on a range of topics including adapting the geriatrics curriculum for physiatry residents, quality improvement outcomes from the introduction of a formalized geriatrician presence in rehab settings, the MAUVE+ volunteer program, understanding how geriatricians worldwide assess and manage weight loss through prescribing ice cream, Sedation, Analgesia and delirium management for older patients: an international audit, and a self-administered G8 Screening Test for older patients with cancer.

Each student worked with a clinical mentor on their individual research projects. Sinai physicians, staff and health professionals attended the presentations, eager to learn what the students discovered. The Savlov/Schmidt Summer Scholars Program provides unique and structured learning opportunities for students to gain valuable research experience in a health care setting and to encourage them to consider a future career in the fields of ageing and geriatrics.