Every day, our people at Sinai Health demonstrate and celebrate our Values of Service, Humanity, Inclusivity and Discovery. These Values build on our Purpose of caring, creating possibilities and offering hope to patients, their families and the community.

Meet Breanne Tavares, a Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) Officer in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (PLM).  She is living Sinai Health’s Value of Humanity and Service.

Breanne is responsible for the routine maintenance, troubleshooting and development or upgrades of the LIS modules. Her specialty is in genetics and she works with the LIS modules which house our genetics orders, testing and results.

“The one thing I really enjoy about my job is that no day is the same,” said Breanne. “There is always something new to review, a problem to troubleshoot or a new process to implement.”

Breanne lives our Value of Humanity in the way she works with the PLM team. She always takes the time to listen, acknowledge and appreciate other viewpoints and show respect and empathy. Breanne considers and learns about the unique needs, preferences and interests of others in the way she seeks to understand work flows and how the PLM team needs the system to function.

“It’s a role that really keeps me on my toes, which encourages me to learn and stay up to date with lab processes and the features and abilities of our software,” said Breanne.

Breanne also lives out Value of Service in the way she takes responsibility, advocates and serves with heart. She takes responsibility for building strong relationships with the PLM team to work together well and find solutions that work for both the lab and the software. She brings energy, enthusiasm and a thoughtful approach to every interaction.

“My role is also very collaborative, which I really enjoy, I am always meeting new people and learning new things from them,” said Breanne. “It is fulfilling knowing that at the end of the day, we are all working together to help improve patient care.”