group activity at Pressure Injury Retreat

At Sinai Health, we take patient care seriously. As one of our quality aims, we are working hard towards having zero incidence of hospital acquired stage II or greater pressure injuries, including our neonatal population. But how do we get there? To reach this goal, we’ll have to work together.

Here’s where the Pressure Injury Prevention Retreat comes in. This event was launched as a way of highlighting the dedication and accomplishments of Sinai Health clinicians in pressure injury prevention. It was also as a way to generate strategies to further improve our pressure injury rates across Sinai Health. The event allowed clinicians to learn from and with one another on multiple topics of interest, including everything from best practices and inter-professional, collaborative approaches to pressure injury prevention to appropriate screening and interventions.

“This ‘in-house’ conference and retreat was a great way for our internal experts in Pressure Injury care and prevention to provide up to date, evidence based strategies and planning on our quality aim,” says Nely Amaral, Director, Nursing Quality and Performance. “We are truly lucky to have had this entire team of various clinical providers and educators together, making a difference for our patients.”

group shot at Pressure Injury Retreat

30 participants from across both campuses, including both frontline staff and leadership, from across our four core programs – Women’s and Infants’ Health, Surgery and Oncology, Urgent and Critical Care, Rehab/Complex Continuing Care – and areas including nursing, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and registered dietitians, joined in the eight-hour event. With breakout sessions, networking, and multiple presentations, the event was focused on improving the quality of care delivery relating to what we can do to further reduce risks of patients developing hospital acquired pressure injuries.

Participants had great reviews for the event, noting the fantastic opportunities for team building and a chance to feel that the work everyone is doing to meet this quality aim is valued. Similar retreats are in the early planning stages for Bridgepoint as well.