nurses participating in education days

On January 29 and February 8, more than 50 participants went through a series of educational components in a nursing education day series for the Surgical Oncology department.

Responding to requests from the General Surgery and Surgical Oncology nurses on 14 north and south, leadership organized two days of learning, including lectures, hands-on experiences, and simulations that offered short, but impactful educational opportunities. The sessions featured modules where participants could learn more about complex wound care with a negative pressure device, independent chest tube reviews, risk management and SAFER reporting, and simulations focused on team communication and nursing actions in an adverse clinical situation. Sarah Ward, a student nurse completing her clinical placement at Mount Sinai, said “these events offer a great experience. It’s been really educational to have so many different opportunities in one place.”

For Sevim Vurgun, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Inflammatory Bowel Disease and General Surgery, events like these are something they hope to offer more frequently. “Education days really reignite excitement about learning. Having junior staff, students and senior staff learning alongside each other is wonderful, too”. Dovina Constance, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Inflammatory Bowel Disease and General Surgery, adds, “It’s also great to see the interdisciplinary work happening here, and colleagues learning from each other.”