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There are many stories of babies being birthed in unconventional locations, for example, in a cab on the way to the hospital. Follow along as we share a highly intense 122 seconds, where Sinai Health staff dropped everything to welcome a new baby on the Main floor.

7:10.00 a.m.        Patient’s car pulls up to the Murray Street entrance
7:10.45 a.m.        A security guard arriving for their shift alerts the team that a woman in labour is in distress near the entrance
7:11.10 a.m.        The patient in labour is brought into the hospital by security staff, followed by NICU Respiratory Therapist Angela Bagatto, who was arriving to work
7:11.50 a.m.        The patient and her family are rushed to the Service Elevator bank, led by L&D nurse Eleanor Grilo who heard the commotion while waiting for her morning coffee at Second Cup
7:11.53 a.m.        The patient feels another contraction and alerts everyone that the baby is on its way
7:12.02 a.m.        L&D nurse Eleanor Grilo, dropped to her knees to scoop the baby while Respiratory Therapist Angela Bagatto grabbed linens from Emergency and ensured the baby’s cord was clamped

“My instincts kicked in when I heard the patient. I’ve seen my fair share of unique births but nothing quite like this…and yes, I did end up getting my morning coffee!” – Eleanor Grilo, RN Labour & Delivery

“I immediately knew what to do when I saw the mother. I dropped my tea and lunchbox, pulled off my gloves and followed to ensure everything would be okay.” – Angela Bagatto, Respiratory Therapist, NICU and Labour & Delivery