For more than 20 months, Health Care Screeners at Mount Sinai and Hennick Bridgepoint Hospitals have acted as the first point of contact for patients, employees and essential care partners that enter our hospitals. They have the vital job of helping ensure our hospitals are safe for everyone by issuing masks, ensuring everyone entering the building sanitizes their hands, assisting with wayfinding and screening each person who enters our hospitals for COVID-19 symptoms.  

“Our Screeners are the face of our organization and regardless of the situation, they react with empathy, care and with safety at the top of their minds. They do an exceptional job of ensuring everyone entering the hospitals is compliant with our infection control protocols and that they feel physically safe and at ease during the screening process,” says Melissa Peck, Senior Manager, Screening, Patient Registration and Admitting.

Many of our screeners have moved on into different areas of Sinai Health and have brought the same care, thoughtfulness and understanding that they greeted people with on the frontlines into their new roles. We meet two of them below.

“As screeners, we take care of our patients, physicians, learners, employee, volunteers and our community. We do this by screening for COVID-19 symptoms and by treating everyone who comes in the door with respect and showing them patience and kindness.

In my new role as a Volunteer Coordinator, I am responsible for the screening, interviewing, onboarding and supporting our volunteers. It’s important to me that we welcome volunteers with respect and inclusiveness so that they feel appreciated in their role.

Every day I try to make an impact on the people I see and inspire people to do the same. I do this by being kind and smiling, all to try and make people’s day a little bit better.”

-Ramiro Puig, Coordinator, Volunteer Resources, Sinai Health

“Being a screener is about being compassionate and showing empathy as many people who enter our hospitals are stressed, worried, afraid and potentially experiencing one of the worst days of their lives. Our focus is on caring, listening, showing respect and supporting them.

In my new role, I get to now aid in creating programming such as yoga events, People Appreciation Days, Service Celebrations and new hire orientations. These events help provide support to our people so that they feel they can deliver the best high-quality care to our patients.”

-Annie Dilworth, Assistant, Organizational Development, Diversity, and Workplace Wellness, Sinai  Health

Sinai Health is proud to be recognized as one of the Top Employers in Greater Toronto for the fourth year in a row. The award is presented annually by Mediacorp Canada and highlights Sinai Health’s commitment to creating a caring environment where everyone belongs.

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