New parents have a lot on their mind. And worrying about where to find the best products to help them along their new journey shouldn’tsinai shop be one of their concerns.

Enter the brand-new Sinai Baby Shop. Curated by our experts, the shop carries a number of products to support breastfeeding and skin-to-skin contact, and even “I’m a Sinai baby” onesies, with more products to be added soon.

“We wanted to make sure there was a place located close to new parents, so that they could find some of the products that they need without having to leave the hospital,” says Meredith Johnson, Director, Business Innovation & Development. “This allows them more time with their babies and to get products recommended by our advisory committee, including nurses, lactation consultants and educators.”

Whether you are advising a patient on where to get recommended products, or looking to get some top-quality gear for a loved one, stop by the 17th floor, near the University elevators to see what’s on offer. And be sure to visit to shop online.

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