Group of health care leaders from Sinai Health System with the surveyors from Accreditation Canada

From left, Accreditation Canada surveyors, Felicia Guarna and Dr. Louise Clement; Paula Blackstien-Hirsch, Member of the Sinai Health Board and Chair of the Quality Committee; Kate Wilkinson, Sinai Health Vice President, Quality and Clinical Programs; and Jackie Eli, Senior Director, Rehabilitation and Ambulatory Care.

Last week, surveyors from Accreditation Canada commended Bridgepoint’s Stroke Program teams for their hard work and dedication to providing excellent rehabilitation care for their patients.

The surveyors visited Bridgepoint as part of the Stroke Distinction assessment process. They met with members of the inpatient and ambulatory care teams to evaluate the program against Canada’s best practice guidelines for stroke care. The teams demonstrated the protocols and procedures they use to deliver excellent care, the tools they use for patient and family education and innovative projects underway to continue improving outcomes.

The surveyors also met with a variety of valued community partners and stakeholders to learn about Bridgepoint’s role within the broader stroke and healthcare community and partnerships aimed at improving stroke care services.

Following the evaluation, the surveyors provided feedback on successes and challenged the teams to continue evolving the program. “You have a vision to be Ontario’s leading provider of stroke rehabilitation care and we would wish that for you,” said surveyor Felicia Guarana, Director of Rehabilitation at West Central University Integrated Center for Health and Social Services in Quebec.

Jackie Eli, Senior Director, Rehabilitation and Ambulatory Care says she’s proud of the Stroke Services offered and expertise of the teams. “The teams should be proud of their accomplishments and ongoing collective efforts. They demonstrated their commitment to continuous improvement, striving to meet changing system and patient and caregiver needs and evolving best practices”.

Stroke Distinction is a designation awarded to organizations that demonstrate excellence in Stroke Care. Bridgepoint achieved Stroke Distinction in 2013 and 2015 and will find out the results of the 2019 survey later this fall.

shot of audience sitting in an auditorium looking up from behind the crowd to the front where three people are presenting to the audience

After the surveyors completed the evaluation team members were invited to attend a debrief for some initial feedback.

two women standing cutting cake in front of a table with coffee and plates on it

After the debrief, a ‘thank you’ cake for the teams!