Our everyday acts of wearing a mask, cleaning our hands, practicing physical distancing and staying home when we aren’t feeling well help to keep our environment safe for patients. In honour of Canadian Patient Safety Week we have a special edition of Captured Caring. We are featuring submissions that highlight some of the teams who play a role in keeping Sinai Health safe, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. In two weeks we will be back to our regular program of featuring stories of encouragement and inspiration from all our people. Have your own story or photo to share? Submit it here.

IPAC Team“Patient safety has always been at the core of Infection Prevention and Control. This year, our team has been able to lean on the routine practices that we know are effective like hand hygiene and  appropriate use of personal protective equipment, while ensuring we continue to implement the latest evidence on COVID-19. They have been fantastic advocates for patient safety and partners to our teams. I can’t say thank you enough!”
Submitted by: Liz McCreight, Director of Infection Prevention and Control, Sinai Health





“Our Occupational Health team’s first priority is the health and safety of our employees, physicians and learners. By ensuring their well-being they are ensuring a safe environment for our patients. Plus, running a flu vaccination campaign in the middle of a pandemic is hero’s work.”
Submitted by: Allison Arnott, Vice President, People Safety and Transformation, Sinai Health

Environmental Services team“Pandemic or not, a clean environment is critical to ensuring safe care. Our Environmental Services team has always taken their role in patient safety seriously, COVID-19 has just brought their work much deserved attention. Their dedication to our patients is extraordinary.”
Submitted by: Karen Foster, Director, Food and Environmental Services, Bridgepoint Active Healthcare


Microbiology teamTest results are always critical to patient care. With COVID-19, ensuring these results are turned around in a timely way makes a huge difference for our patients and for the people in the community who are relying on their results. As our capacity to test for the virus continues to expand, our lab team continues to step up.”
Submitted by: Christine Bruce, Administrative Director, Microbiology, Sinai Health-UHN



assessment centre team“The COVID-19 Assessment Centre is really the first line of defense in creating a safe hospital environment for patients. When know that high numbers of positive COVID-19 cases in our community results in hospitalizations. Our team of nurses, physicians, registration clerks and service assistants have worked tirelessly to meet the needs of our community.”
Submitted by: Anita Chin, Manager, Ambulatory Services and Melissa Peck, Manager, Patient Registration and Admitting, Mount Sinai


“Throughout the pandemic, we have all had to adjust to new ways of doing things. Our clinical educators across Sinai Health have ensured that with each practice change our care teams are prepared to care for patients safely. From reminders on how to safely don and doff personal protective equipment to rolling out universal protected code blues, they have been there every step of the way.”
Submitted by: Kara Ronald, Vice President, Professional Practice, Nursing and Health Disciplines, Sinai Health