Four employees in an office looking at the camera, smiling

Members of the Redevelopment Project Office team (left) and the Operational Readiness and Transition Planning Team (right).

The countdown is on! This summer marks the four-year anniversary of Renew Sinai Phase 3A, the largest and most ambitious redevelopment in Mount Sinai Hospital’s history. This extensive renewal of our space, technology and medical equipment will transform many of our most important facilities by the end of 2022. As we inch towards the finish line of the redevelopment project, we reflect on what we’ve achieved in 2021, what’s planned for 2022, and recognize the teams responsible for helping make the hospital an even better place to receive and deliver care.

“The accomplishments of the Renew Sinai team have been nothing short of extraordinary. This year saw the openings of the new Medical Device Reprocessing Department (MDRD), operating rooms, Surgical Services, and the west side of the Emergency Department. Looking forward, we will improve our building with exterior glass panels with illuminated glass, and celebrate multiple openings and additions: the kitchen, the Ambulatory Care Unit, the Kimel Schatzky Intensive Care Unit, the Integrated Cancer Care Clinic and the final Schwartz/Reisman Emergency Centre, amongst other bold projects. What the team achieves is truly transformational; it shapes health care delivery and enables the best care possible for our patients. Congratulations to everyone on the Renew Sinai team.
I cannot be prouder to be part of this group.”
Submitted by: Darnell Williams, Senior Director, Renew Sinai Phase 3A, Capital Development, Mount Sinai Hospital 

A medical device reprocessing room in a hospital. The room has four of the same machines. Each one has a sign that says Cube Washer, numbered one to four. The room is otherwise empty

The newly redeveloped Medical Device Reprocessing Department (MDRD).

“Phase 3A has been an exciting project to be a part of. It has allowed me to collaborate with a number of incredibly competent and talented individuals from different departments. The team takes the time to learn about our department and what we do. With that mindset, they deliver on what we need in our design and build to meet our expectations. To the project management team, equipment and furniture teams, moving co-ordinators, Operational Readiness and everyone that is part of Renew Sinai: thank you for the exceptional transformation of the MDRD!”
Submitted by: Garry Bassi, Director, Medical Device Reprocessing and Support Services, Mount Sinai Hospital

An operating room with equipment including operating table, lights, monitors, computers and equipment cabinets. The room is new and is empty.

A new operating room on the Perioperative Services floor.

“There is nothing more challenging than implementing one of the most complex program transitions in the middle of a pandemic and yet our superb Renew Sinai team managed to do just that for The Perioperative Surgical Floor this past March. They took on every obstacle and managed to make “lemonade” out of lemons most days. They ensured the transition from levels four and five happened, ensuring our surgical staff and patients remained safe throughout the entire time. The Renew Sinai team went above and beyond to support the Perioperative team and we will be forever thankful for their leadership.”
Submitted by: Lisa Wayment, Senior Clinical Program Director, Surgery and Oncology, Mount Sinai Hospital

The nursing station desk with computers in a hospital Emergency Department, There are rooms that have sliding glass doors across from the nursing station

The redeveloped west side of the Emergency Department.

“It’s amazing to see the many years of planning come to life. Redevelopment is much more than the physical transformation of the space we work in. It’s also about evolving our models of care and shifting how care is provided. This is work that couldn’t be done without the effort and support of many, including the clinical team members, Operational Readiness and of course, the Redevelopment team. Kudos to all for the achievements to date and the achievements soon to come.”
Submitted by: Kate Van Den Broek, Senior Clinical Program Director, Urgent and Critical Care, Mount Sinai Hospital

A computer rendering of a new cancer clinic that has multiple stations for patients, with a recliner and a stand for an intravenous bag in each station.

A rendering of the new Integrated Cancer Care Clinic.

“The Hospital environment, from design through construction, furnishings, finishes and maintenance has demonstrated its importance to patient care outcomes. This past year has been a tremendous and unique undertaking, advancing Renew Sinai Phase 3A through complex phases, renovations and building infrastructure upgrades, conducted during a pandemic. This could only have been accomplished through the dedication, perseverance, tenacity, and professionalism of the entire Renew Sinai team and its leadership. Thank you for your commitment to our patients and to all of those who come through our doors.”
Submitted by: Rick Gowrie, Vice President, Facilities and Capital Development, Mount Sinai Hospital

A computer generated rendering that shows Mount Sinai Hospital from University avenue in the late evening. The rendering shows what the hospital's new facade will look like when the Renew Sinai Phase 3A Redevelopment project is complete.

A rendering showing the new facade of Mount Sinai Hospital when Renew Sinai Phase 3A is complete.

“With Phase 3A nearing completion, I reflect on the accomplishments of this past year and am in awe. Amidst a pandemic and with unyielding enthusiasm and positivity, the Renew Sinai team has paved the way for change, upgrading and modernizing some of our most important spaces to optimize healing, all while enabling staff to work efficiently and ensuring the safety of our patients. Your work is resulting in profound impacts which are seen every day from the walls you helped build. Congratulations to everyone on the Renew Sinai team that has come together to deliver on the ambitious and complex redevelopment projects of this last year.”
Submitted by: Tanya McDonald, Director, Operational Readiness and Transition Planning, Mount Sinai Hospital


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