As 2020 draws to a close, we invited our people to express their gratitude through words and/or a photo, acknowledging the many ways we supported each other through this unprecedented year. Below is the first group of submissions.

If you haven’t had a chance to submit, it’s not too late! Send them to us here by Friday, December 18 to be included in the next edition of our Caring Together newsletter and across our social media channels. Follow along on Instagram and Twitter with our #SinaiHealthGratitude hashtag.

Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable employees“The pandemic has presented many challenges for all, but the Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable teams prove that with dedication and team work we can help support each other during this difficult time. This amazing team showed up to work everyday with Sinai Health spirit and even supported screening efforts at the Bridgepoint site!! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT!!”
Submitted by: Lisa Wong, Manager of Bridgepoint Accounts Payable and Business Office, and Mount Sinai Accounts Receivable team





“I am grateful to this wonderful organization who believes in all of us and helped us grow, to all my colleagues who worked so hard to protect and care for our patients, and for all of us for uniting and supporting one another through this difficult time. This is a great moment to embrace all the things that we have accomplished during this pandemic.”
Submitted by: Vivian Reyes, Administrative Coordinator, Clinical Directors, Bridgepoint

“Instead of doing a department-wide secret Santa this holiday season, my team collected financial donations for a family with a new baby that were also impacted by both the pandemic and cancer this past year. We were able to raise an amazing $1400 for them.  I’m so proud to be part of a team who has made a meaningful difference to this family for the holidays.”
Submitted by: Courtney Chapman, Project Manager, Capital Development, Mount Sinai

“One thing I’m truly thankful for in the seating clinic is that even through this pandemic we are still able to teach students because of the technology and teamwork we are privileged to have here at Bridgepoint. We are still able to work with U of T Occupational Therapy to teach the annual Community Mobility lab via Zoom. Thanks to Meridith McClenaghan (interim OT professional practice leader) for liaising with U of T and co-teaching with me, and special thanks to Jim Patterson for working on previous labs with us and for graciously building the wheelchairs needed for this lab to succeed.”
Submitted by: Cathy Choi, Occupational Therapist, Seating Clinic, Bridgepoint

“I am grateful to the entire team that I work with in my department. Despite all the ups and down and uncertainty of this year, I have been able to count on these folks for a laugh, support and sometimes just a kind, listening ear when needed. They have been a stabilizing force for me and I can’t imagine how different this year would have been without them.”
Submitted by: Carla Gibson, Clinical Application Specialist, Information Services, Bridgepoint

Wellness board

“As part of the unit-based partnership council, we have a wellness board where we share positive messages for our ambulatory care team. For the month of October, we decided to answer the question ‘I am thankful for…'”
Submitted by: Usman Khan, Physiotherapist, Ambulatory Care, Bridgepoint



“I am very grateful to the team in Occupational Health and my manager who made every effort to find a mask that was the most tolerable for me. I’m very grateful to them all.”
Submitted by: Sorina Balan, Ward Clerk, Mount Sinai

“In the initial days of the COVID-19 outbreak on 4 South, many team members were off work awaiting testing. Maude Fallon-Devesne (PT) and Emily Shermeto (OT) immediately triaged the unit to ensure that patients were getting the rehabilitative care and education that they required. They also ensured that the nurses were supported and patients families were informed. True team players!”
Submitted by: Kathleen Reid, Patient Care Manager, 4 North and 4 South, Bridgepoint

“I’m very thankful for the help I had in Payroll this year during the pandemic.”
Submitted by: Gina Rodrigues, Senior Payroll Analyst, Bridgepoint

“A big shout out to Abdul Asif, Project Coordinator in Facilities and Capital Development who has been diligently working with all our teams to ensure signage and physical distancing efforts are put in place. Thank you Abdul, for your ongoing efforts to help improve safety in the workplace!”
Submitted by: Chris Fitzpatrick, Project Manager, Facilities and Redevelopment, Bridgepoint

“I’m thankful for the collaborative clinical team on 7 North and 7 South, the Transitional Care Units. During COVID-19 we’ve had to rearrange our entire unit programming to address the physical distancing guidelines. For a unit heavily depending on group therapy this was a challenge, but we were able to accommodate and continue to evolve to meet our patients’ needs. We’ve removed equipment from the gym to create space, created mini-groups, and been creative with therapy. We were also able to participate at this year’s GTA Rehab Network Best Practices Day Virtual Conference in November.”
Submitted by:  Meridith McClenaghan, Occupational Therapist, Bridgepoint

“When 4 South went on COVID-19 outbreak, through Jenny’s conscientious planning and meticulous attention to detail, we managed to safely staff the unit. Jenny remained a friendly, supportive, and welcoming fixture on the unit, bringing immense comfort to patients and colleagues during the outbreak.”
Submitted by: Kathleen Reid, Patient Care Manager, 4 North and 4 South, Bridgepoint

Charity drive“Our unit council organized a charity drive to give back to the community. During the pandemic we may feel lost or stuck, like we have no control over our lives. One thing we felt could do is to give back to those in need. We identified two charities, and for the month of November and part of December, we accepted donations of food for the Daily Bread Food Bank and winter coats for New Circles.
Submitted by: Usman Khan, Physiotherapist, Ambulatory Care, Bridgepoint

“I’m thankful for the group of amazing Occupational Therapists from the Bed and Mattress Advisory Committee at Bridgepoint for helping to put together the mattress fair. To continue to provide education and hands on experience is important to enable the clinical team to understand and implement appropriate therapeutic surfaces and mattress to meet patients’ needs. Executing these sessions took a great deal of effort and collaboration with the Occupational Therapists, Linen and Environmental Services. We thank you all! BAM! (Bridgepoint Amazing Mattresses!).”
Submitted by: Meridith McClenaghan, Occupational Therapist, Bridgepoint