Every day our people at Sinai Health are doing extraordinary things. Captured Caring is a series featuring submissions from our people to provide you with inspiration and encouragement as we care for patients and each other. Have your own story or photo to share? Submit it here.

A wall in a hospital with posters and photos created by members of the palliative care team. There is a sun at the top and some of the items posted are shaped like hearts, hexagons and ice cream cones. “How do you keep a team going during a pandemic? The 10 North Palliative Care Unit is trying their best to keep up the usually positive morale. Because of the restrictions we have not been able to have our famous potluck breakfasts or lunches amongst the many other longstanding traditions on this unit.

New plan: our social committee devised a weekly team building game. Each week, a new question was proposed. Those who participated were entered in a weekly draw and a small prize was awarded. Questions have included: What’s your favourite movie? If you could pick another profession, what would you be? What’s your favourite city or country? What’s your nickname?

The answers have been posted on our ‘Wall of Fame.’ Team members, families and patients have really enjoyed getting to know each other. The Wall of Fame has sparked conversation between caregivers and team members, as well as provided a brief diversion from hospital life, providing families with something else to read or think about.”
Submitted by: Brenda Stein, Social Worker, and Melissa Turner-Joseph, Speech-Language Pathologist, Palliative Care Unit, Bridgepoint

“After a one-year hiatus due to the pandemic, the annual NICU picnic that celebrates families and infants who have been in our NICU made its virtual debut earlier this summer. With more than 70 families and NICU team members attending, the event was a wonderful success! Our NICU Parent Advisory Committee along with collaboration from the interdisciplinary team––including Janet Narciso, Resource Nurse, and Amy de Nobriga, Social Worker––were involved in making this event a success. The event included music and entertainment for the kids as well as talks from Dr. Prakesh Shah and Dr. Yenge Diambomba, a nurse’s perspective from Janet Narciso and a Parent Advisory Committee parent’s story. Thanks to Zoom we could see one another, share stories, photos, and watch the kids dance and sing along. One very special touch was the ‘NICU Then and Now’ slideshow of many NICU graduates looking healthy and happy as well as photos of the NICU team. We’re all hoping next year we can celebrate again in person!”
Submitted by: Amy de Nobriga, Social Worker and Janet Narciso, Resource Nurse, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Mount Sinai