For the holiday season, we’re inviting teams across Sinai Health to share about holiday giving. Whether you’re collecting for a toy or clothing drive, food bank or other charitable cause, submit a photo and a caption about it here. You can even invite others to participate!  We’ll share your submissions in Captured Caring during December. We also continue to welcome non-holiday submissions as usual.

Two photos laid out one on top of the other. One photo shows a group of health care professionals in an office setting. The other shows one healthcare professional in an office setting at a desk with computer screens behind her. Eveyone is wearing masks. “Since early 2021 Mount Sinai Hospital health disciplines (social work, physiotherapy and occupational therapy) teams and Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital’s Utilization team have creatively responded to a need to improve flow through acute care. We have adopted a model of care where team members at both locations work together during the weekends to prepare patients so they are ready for discharge from Mount Sinai and transfer to Hennick Bridgepoint on Monday morning. Recently, the weekend team facilitated nine discharges to rehabilitation for Monday morning! Our teams have demonstrated incredible service and responsible use of our hospital resources that ensure patients receive the right care at the right time. Our teams have collaborated, developed trust and excellent working relationships across both sites!  They embody excellence in teamwork and demonstrate improved patient and family experiences.”
Submitted by: Sabrina Gaon, Senior Manager, Complex Care Transitions for Sinai Health and Manager of Social Work, Mount Sinai Hospital

Two photos joined together. In one, a co-op student stands in front of a nursing station in a hospital. The student has decorated the nursing station with a menorah and a Christmas tree for the holidays. There is also a large sign that says Happy Holidays. In the other photo a group of students stands in-front of a large-holiday themed image with Christmas trees and stars. On either side of the students are Kate Wilkinson and Dr. Gary Newton who judged the students' holiday decoration competition. “The MAUVE (Maximizing Aging Using Volunteer Engagement) co-op students have initiated a friendly competition for the best holiday decorations on Mount Sinai’s MAUVE units including 10 North, 10 South, 11 North, 11 South and 12. Dr. Gary Newton, President and CEO, and Kate Wilkinson, Vice President, Clinical Operations and Risk,  were the guest  judges of the competition. Congratulations to Sofia, who won for her decorations on 10 North.”
Submitted by: Angel Lau, Elder Life Specialist, Mount Sinai Hospital




“This year my son decided he wanted to do a toy drive to donate to the Toronto Fire Fighters. Within this process he has captured the significance at the age of six that it isn’t always about receiving but also giving and understanding the importance of why it is always good to give and be kind. My department is helping him collect as many toys as possible. We will be giving the donation to the Toronto Fire Fighters on December 18.”
Submitted by: Rishma Ramdath-Moorgen, Office Coordinator, Building Services, Mount Sinai Hospital