Every day our people at Sinai Health are doing extraordinary things. Captured Caring is a series featuring submissions from our people to provide you with inspiration and encouragement as we care for patients and each other. Have your own story or photo to share? Submit it here.

The MyChart project launched at Mount Sinai in 2019 to enhance communication between patients and care providers by enabling patients to access and manage key personal health information securely online. Now, two years after launch, 100,000 patients have registered on MyChart at Mount Sinai. Below is a collection of reflections and photos from some of the people and teams involved in this reaching this milestone.

A team of 10 healthcare professionals in a group. They are wearing masks and each holding up a brochure and looking at the camera.“Medical Imaging was one of the initial departments requested to lead the MyChart trial that launched in February of 2019. The clerical staff were excited to roll this out, as our patients often shared feedback around the need for electronic access to personal health records. This access being vital and important to our patients, we welcomed the opportunity to participate.

Fast forward two years and the department has embarked on many initiatives around electronic patient solutions. MyChart has been a stepping stone for Medical Imaging and patient care, patients having the ability to log into the system and review results, especially during a pandemic has been a game changer in how we conduct our day-to-day operations.”
Submitted by: The Medical Imaging team, Mount Sinai

“Congratulations to everyone involved in the MyChart project on this milestone of 100,000 registrations. MyChart is an essential part of our quality improvement work on delivering patient and family-centred care. This technology enhances communication and enables us to better share health information with our patients. Ultimately, this means empowering patients and providing a better care experience. We look forward to adding more features and expanding MyChart to our Bridgepoint campus.”
Submitted by: Kate Wilkinson, Vice President, Quality and Clinical Programs, Sinai Health

Two photos collaged together each photo has a team of health care professionals standing in a hospital, wearing surgical masks. They are looking at the camera and each is holding a brochure.“The Preadmission Unit loves supporting collaborative patient care initiatives that improve the patient experience across the health care continuum! The team provided information about MyChart registration to preoperative patients in six different languages.”
Submitted by: The Preadmission Unit team, Mount Sinai






Four photos together as one image. Each photo has health care professionals in the hospital they are wearing masks and looking at the camera“I’m proud of how our team has been able to support such an impactful initiative. We’ve been entrusted to introduce MyChart to patients and their families. It’s great to know our department has been a significant part of an innovative patient care legacy at Sinai Health.”
Submitted by: Allison Glasgow, Admitting and Registration Services, Admitting, Mount Sinai




“Sinai Health’s team worked closely with the MyChart development team to integrate MyChart with Mount Sinai’s clinical applications, creating a secure and easy-to-use tool for our patients to access lab results, diagnostic imaging reports, operating room reports and more. This is an exciting project because there are many more opportunities to further integrate MyChart into our workflows. For example, we are currently discussing enabling patients to schedule oncology appointments at Mount Sinai’s outpatient clinic. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the success of this project.”
Submitted by: Gerry Dimnik, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Information Services, Sinai Health

a Photo of health care workers in an office at a reception desk. they are wearing masks and looking at the camera.“Overall, we are very pleased with patients’ responses to being enrolled in MyChart. This program supports patients’ control over their health information. Here are a few comments from patients:

“It is so much better knowing I can access my results.”

“I don’t have to leave messages with my doctor.”

“I am so glad that Mount Sinai is doing this now.

Submitted by: The Electrocardiogram (ECG) and Echocardiogram (Echo) Lab teams, Mount Sinai


Two photos side-by-side of health care workers. One has a group of four standing in a hallway. The other has a group of four standing in a reception area.

The teams in the Marvelle Koffler Breast Center and Outpatient Medical Oncology Clinics (left photo) and Health Records Department (right photo) have also supported patients with MyChart.